EDC CLP™ Lube - 2 oz.

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With over five years and 100,000 rounds fired in development, EDC CLP™ was tested in rifles, shotguns, and pistols under a variety of temperatures, environments, and functional stresses.

Specifically, and more importantly, in modern, gas operated firearms that utilize the hot, carbon-filled gasses of a cartridge discharge to cycle the weapon system. 

This carbon and unburnt powder, along with microscopic brass and lead metal shavings scraped from the cartridge casing and projectile, create an unavoidable by-product and functional impairment in a firearm's action. EDC CLP's modern formulation not only kept the weapon systems lubricated under heavy use, but also prevented the permanent buildup and re-adherence of carbon and other fouling in the actions of the test firearms. 


US PATENT # 9,637,705

Q: How does EDC CLP™ improve my firearm's performance?

A: As soon as you apply EDC CLP™ to the moving parts of your weapon, you will notice an instant improvement in the lubricity between moving parts. Throughout heavy use, EDC CLP™ will keep your firearm's parts lubricated and prevent fouling from attaching to contact surfaces. 

EDC CLP™ not only increases the firearm’s lubricity (slipperiness between parts), but it also cleans while it works. Additionally, EDC CLP's penetrant component gets into the micro crevices a pic or brush can’t reach to remove contamination from bearing surfaces and prevents the loosened particles from re-adhering. Cleaning requires only a wipe-down of component parts and re-lubrication before reassembly—no special stripping process, hairdryers, or additional chemicals are required. Shooters will find the weapon performs even better after the first cleaning as parts are now cleaner and better lubricated than ever before.

Q: How does EDC CLP™ reduce my cleaning time?

A:  EDC CLP™ detergents and polarity (molecular adherence to metal) under pressure both remove existing fouling and prevent it from building up on the parts of your firearm.  Not only will fouling be less able to adhere, but it will wipe off with minimal effort.